Welcome to Hawkley Community Information


This is the place to find out what is happening in and around the village.


The Website has different sections (links on left):

Look here for general information about the Village, Village hall bookings, the church and the surrounding countryside.

The village plan was presented to EHDC in November 2014 and has now been adopted.To see the plan please click here.

What is going on, when and where, Film Club info; what the weather is doing now, who is doing what ...

To see a copy of the Parish Council's response to the proposed airspace consultation please click here

Parish & Community
This is where you will find information about the Parish Council, and links to the District & County Councils.
Also local clubs and societies, churches, recommended firms, useful contacts and local businesses.

Other Local Websites
Links to other websites in and around the village. Have a look at Empshott.
If you have a local information website relavent to our village that you would like linked here email me ( ) with the info.




If you have information that you would like to see on the site let me know.

Email me here ( ) or phone Nick Davis on 01730 827507.

The new village hall is now completed. To see some photos of the village hall opening party please click here. More info can be found on the village hall project and booking links on your left.

To see photos of the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations here in Hawkley please click here.








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