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Hall opens at 7pm and films start at 7.40pm
£5 in advance on email to nick@hawkleycc.co.uk or £6 on the night
Come early for a drink and a hotdog.

Thursday 9 January THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON (12A) Comedy/Buddy movie

Zak, a determined young man with Down’s syndrome, runs away to follow his dream of training to be a wrestler.  On the road he meets a small-time crook who becomes his unlikely ally and coach, and they embark on a Mark Twain style adventure, sailing down to Florida on a home-made raft.  A feelgood film with heartfelt, nuanced performances by newcomer Zack Gottsagen, Shia LaBeouf and Dakota Johnson.

Thursday 23 January JUDY (12A) Biopic

It’s 1969, Judy Garland’s career is in decline and her finances are exhausted.  Then the impresario Bernard Delfont throws her a lifeline – a five-week engagement to sing at The Talk of the Town in London.  Renee Zellweger excels as Judy, with the charisma that made her a star and the heartache that made her performances so emotional.

Thursday 6 February THE GOOD LIAR (15) Drama

Recently widowed Betty (Helen Mirren) and smooth-talking Roy (Ian McKellen) meet on a dating site for silver surfers and embark on a courtship that seems a game of cat and mouse. But who is the cat and who the mouse?  The plot rattles along, with twists and turns to make you gasp, as their decorous dance of seduction turns into a dark tale of revenge.

Thursday 20 February THE FAREWELL (PG) Bittersweet comedy

Billi, a young Chinese woman raised in America, returns to China for a reunion engineered by her family to allow them to say farewell to their beloved matriarch without actually telling the old lady that she has terminal cancer.  “Based on an actual lie”, this semi-autobiographical film directed by Lulu Wang will make you laugh, cry and reflect on love, loss and family life.

Thursday 5 March ONLY YOU (15) Drama

A young man and woman try to hail the same taxi late on New Year’s Eve.  On such a night, how could they do anything but share it?  So he goes back to her place where one thing leads to another and they embark on a delirious love affair.  But now she has a confession to make.  He is 26 and she hasn’t told him she is 9 years older.  He forgives the deception, but should they try to have children now, before it’s too late?  As wish turns to need, a poignant, compelling story of passion, heartache and resolution unfolds.

Thursday 19 March OFFICIAL SECRETS (15) True life drama

Keira Knightley gives a highly praised, steely performance as Katherine Gun, the translator at GCHQ who leaked a memo to The Observer revealing the dirty tricks being used to promote an unpopular war.  With all to lose and nothing to gain she must decide where her duty and loyalties lie, and face the potentially severe consequences to her family life. This is a film about integrity and personal responsibility, with relevance to the “alternative facts” and “fake news” of today.

Thursday 2 April GLORIA BELL (15) Drama/Romance

Gloria is a 50-something divorcée who loves dancing, drinking in bars, and singing along in the car to cheesy 1980s pop anthems.  She is a free spirit, not pining for a new romance but ready to give her heart again when the moment comes.  Then she meets Arnold, recently divorced himself.  Is he the right man for her?  Julianne Moore and John Turturro star in this tale of true love not running smooth.

Thursday 16 April 1917 (Likely to be classified 15) World War I drama

Two young British soldiers are sent on a perilous mission that could save the lives of thousands of their colleagues, including the brother of one of them.  This is an immersive drama directed by Sam Mendes.  Not released yet, it is receiving enthusiastic advance reviews, being hailed as Mendes’ best film since American Beauty, and an Oscar contender. 

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